As a multi-talented, inventive individual; I express passion and repose in everything I do. With a strong technical background in computer network engineering and implementation, I have developed my skills in visual media arts, lighting, film, and interactive environments. My current focus is on flow-based procedural programming, interaction design, low-level real-time 3D and 2D programming, and media system engineering.

The mind of an engineer; the heart of an artist.

  • Phone: +1 (206) 414-9589
  • E-mail: lth(at)landonthomas.net
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA



Showcased Works

"Bells & Whistles" Pascual Sisto Studio

Immersive Media Art

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Proposal


Taglyan Architectural & Dynamic Visuals

Projection / LED Wall

Galen Pehrson: Naked on The Moon

Projection Mapping

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Gala

Projection Mapping

British Knights @ AGENDA Fashion Expo

Custom Video Wall

HUGO BOSS @ The Lash

Site Specific Projections

LA><ART @ Greystone Mansion

Projections & Lighting

Lexus / Pandora

Curved Projection




Technical Artist / AVL Sys Eng Los Angeles, CA 2013 - 2016

Engineered and programmed an Immersive Audio/Visual/Lighting installation with Artist Pascual Sisto featured at Istanbul Light Festival. Sub-contracts with TASHMAN: Lead projectionist for 36 projector install at Sony Pictures Studios, and lead projectionist for a 5 projector installation at Milk Studios for ESPN ESPYS Awards. Built LED Walls for Samsung Studio. Video projection mapping and pixel mapped lighting operation for Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I premiere gala at LA Live, sub-contract with Big Time Operators & Greco Decor. Engineered, and installed 3 room, 9 projector site-specific video art installation for HUGO BOSS with artists HART+LESHKINA. System engineering and design for British Knights 6 LCD TV Flatscreen video wall installation at AGENDA Fashion Expo in Las Vegas. System engineering, lighting installation and video projection mapping for LA><Art at Historic Greystone Mansion & Park.

Technical Director (Viscereality) Seattle, WA 2012 - 2013

Managed audio/visual/lighting production for electronic music events featuring nationally and internationally acclaimed artists such as: White Ring (NYC/LA,) Butterclock (Berlin,) Ritualz (Mexico City.) Provided Lighting and Visuals for "Da'daedal" a bi-monthly curated event of Poetry, Experimental Music and Visual Immersion for over 1 year. Set up, program, and control DMX lighting rigs. Design and construct installations for lighting and visuals using 3D mapped projections using advanced software such as Resolume Arena and MadMapper. Solved technical issues end to end during event production for artists, venues, and installations including delegating tasks to appropriate engineers or production team members when necessary.

Tier II VoIP Tech (MegaPath / Speakeasy) Seattle, WA 2009 - 2013

VoIP Installation Engineering including LAN topology, VLAN tagging/trunking. Experience with Cisco and Polycom VoIP desk and conference speakerphone endpoints. QoS configurations on both VoIP gateway and ERX and/or redbacks. T1 / Bonded T1 (MLFR and MLPPP) SDSL, EoC (Ethernet over Copper) IDSL, ADSL. Private MPLS and SSL VPN networks with VoIP and QoS prioritization. Router/firewall CLI interfaces Cisco IOS, Adtran AOS, Embedded Linux (Edgemarc,) Samsung Ubigate Became fluent with SIP protocol ladders, tcpdump output for SIP and TCP data traffic. Knowledge-base management, training documentation.

Lead Tech (Connected Northwest) Bellevue, WA 2004 - 2008

Administrate, install and maintain Windows and Linux servers and workstations. (Active Directory, Cpanel, Microsoft Exchange server, IIS, RAID storage maintenance and recovery, HP tape backup systems, legacy IBM mainframe emulation. Provided 24/7 on-call remote support for offices in San Francisco and Dubai, UAE, via IPSEC VPN. Documented new or previously undocumented maintenance and administration tasks. Utilized SSH, MS RDP, VNC, Citrix, BOMGAR to complete many tasks remotely.




+1 (206) 414-9589

Los Angeles, CA



"Bells & Whistles" Pascual Sisto

A installation engineered and programmed for artist Pascual Sisto. An immersive conceptual experience combining video, audio, and intelligent DMX lighting orchestrated into a captivating automated performance.

  • Custom programmed media system using Derivative TouchDesigner
  • Documentation and remote support provided
  • Istanbul Light Festival selection 2015

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Proposal

Via a special invitation to apply for a one month residency by the National Park Arts Foundation, This concept was brought from conceptual to prototyping stage. An Interactive new media art experience was developed as a protoype. This includes a kinetic elastane volcanic "tunnel" symbolising the goddess Pele that transforms from stone to fire to flesh and back again with external projections. Also features an augmented reality lighting interaction via IR positional tracked devices given to the observers. Utilised custom generated textures with normal, specular, and emit maps, procedural kinetic animation / deformation. Prototype designed according to storyboards created in conjuction with conceptual artist.

  • Programmed with Derivative TouchDesigner
  • Special invitation by NPAF, Proposal under consideration for Q4 2016 Residency
  • Conceptual Artist: Milky Sklar. Special Thanks: The Living Jarboe

Taglyan Architectural & Dynamic Visuals

Various projects at Taglyan Complex Events center including fashion shows and high profile weddings

  • Programmed with Derivative TouchDesigner & Resolume software
  • Provided full service realisation and production support
  • Production Partner: Daniil Korachkin-Zoryn

Galen Pehrson: Naked on The Moon

Projection Mapping for Audio/Visual media experience on 2 walls and floor utilizing multiple projectors.

  • Programmed with Resolume software
  • MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles
  • Special Thanks: Akiko Yamashita, Evan Weitzberg

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1

Video projections composited / mesh warped and mapped for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Premiere Gala @ L.A. LIVE.

Interior: ~10+ metre diagonal projection on black scrim using two 20,000 lumen Barco HDX projectors.

Exterior: "D13" logo projection mapped and masked with film grain motion graphics with 6,000 lumen Panasonic projector. Also operated video pixel mapping system for 400+ led fixture array (not pictured.)

  • Composited with Resolume software
  • Remote access software utilised to program media server from laptop anywhere on site
  • Contract Partners: Big Time Operators, Greco Decor

British Knights @ AGENDA

Custom video wall for British Knights "comeback" brand launch at AGENDA street fashion expo in Las Vegas showcasing a mix of brand footage both new and "old school." On a semi-random selection cycle using Resolume software for video compositing.

  • 6 displays driven by a custom engineered rackmount media server
  • Original plans / concept designed by Joseph Jensen
  • Contract Partner: Big Time Operators

HUGO BOSS @ The Lash

Immersive video projection installation mapped to architectural elements for private event HUGO BOSS: TRACKS featuring a performance by up and coming Swedish band Kate Boy

  • 3 Rooms, 9 projectors, 1 media server per room
  • Video / Creative Content: HART+LESHKINA
  • Managed entire production, video, stage, lighting as primary contractor

LA><ART @ Greystone Mansion

Worked as projectionist and visual composition operator on abstract architectural projection mapping and general production, e.g. wireless DMX up lighting placement

  • Projection mapped with Resolume Software
  • Original plans / concept designed by Joseph Jensen
  • Contract Partner: Big Time Operators, Freelance Environtology

Lexus / Pandora

Projectionist and visual programming for a beautiful curved wall video projection showcasing Lexus vehicles and lifestyle for a Lexus sponsored Pandora event series showcasing various artists.

  • Christie 10k lumen projector run by single media server
  • Projection mapped curved surface via mesh warp
  • Contract Partner: Big Time Operators